COUNTRY CHIC Collection by Frédéric Goutorbe & Nathalie Duwel from DUWEL

The COUNTRY CHIC Collection (in French ”CAMPAGNE CHIC”) was designed by Frédéric Goutorbe & Nathalie Duwel and manufactured in-house under DUWEL, the duo’s own brand name.

The Collection consists of the STRAW Seating Bench (in French ”PAILLE”), available in various lengths with or without a leather strip (leather available in various colors). This Seating Bench won the Maison & Objet 2012 “Discovery” Prize (January 2012) and was selected by Les Galeries Lafayette Maison for the Paris Design Week (September 2012):

The GRANDE RANDONNÉE Pouf which is an extra-large Pouf (Diameter 116 cm x Height 35 cm) filled with straw that can be either a 3/4 people seat or Coffee Table. In its regular form it is accessorized with leather handles, pockets and blanket. Leather details are available in various colors. It can also be all straw without leather (GRANDE CAMPAGNE Pouf):

The CAMPAGNE Pouf (Diameter 55 cm x Height 33 cm) filled with straw:

The PETITE RANDONNÉE Pouf (Diameter 55 cm x Height 33 cm) filled with straw and accessorized with leather cover available in many colors:

The COUNTRY CLUB Pouf (Diameter 55 cm x Height 30 cm) filled with straw & polystyrene microspheres and covered with full grain leather or Nubuck (in a variety of colors) with stainless steel details:

The STRAW Decorative Cushions made of PVC and straw and available in 3 different sizes (40 cm x 40 cm, 47 cm x 47 cm & 47 cm x 24 cm):

The LEATHER Decorative Cushions (40 cm x 40 cm) with leather or Nubuck finish (available in many colors) and filled with straw and synthetic Bultex down:

Nathalie Duwel obtained her degree in Psychology in Nanterre, France and, following that, she studied Decoration and the art of Upholstery in Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris. She, then, worked on the stages of Comédie Française, Opéra Bastille as well as in television shows.

Frédéric Goutorbe studied Fine & Technical Arts and, subsequently, worked in layout and stage construction.

The two met on a movie set, fell in love, had two daughters and, in 2006, created their own furniture design and manufacturing company, DUWEL. In parallel, they started running their own Interior Design & Decoration Consulting Agency under the name DUWEL INTERIEURS that was also created in 2006.

Initially, DUWEL was based in Saint Malo in Bretagne (Northwest France). In 2011, the couple moved their headquarters to Montauroux of Southeast France (Provence region), where they designed and developed the “Campagne Chic” Collection, a range of nomadic straw furniture.

Their aim is to create furniture that embody a delicate balance between art and craft, aesthetics and function, modern style with a country twist. Materials are always of top quality and everything is handcrafted by Nathalie Duwel herself with an eye for detail (with the exception of some metallic accessories which are outsourced). These are the elements, after all, that made their creations stand out and win prizes and distinctions and what makes their phone ring off the hook with new orders coming from many parts of the world.


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