GOOD MOOD Collection of Sideboards-Cabinets-Bedside Tables by Leonardo de Carlo from ARTE VENEZIANA (2010)

The GOOD MOOD Collection was designed by Leonardo de Carlo for the 2010 collection of the Italian manufacturer ARTE VENEZIANA.

The GOOD MOOD Collection is part of the “Riflessivo” Series of ARTE VENEZIANA and consists of beautiful and colorful Sideboards-Credenzas-Buffets, a Mobile Bar and Nightstands-Bedside Tables which can easily double as Side Tables for our living room. Enjoy them !

Please click on Leonardo de Carlo for a full profile of the designer as outlined in one of our previous posts.

ARTE VENEZIANA belongs to the Zanin family for the past 3 generations. It has developed from an old Renaissance-type artisanal shop (or “squero”, as the old Venetian yard was called) to a full-blown modern factory with international activity and, at the same time, deeply rooted in the Venetian territory and its unsurpassable traditions of glass making.

Initially, the company specialized in the reproduction of Venetian mirrors from the 17th and 18th centuries (the period that Venetian glassmaking art flourished). In the 1990s, Venetian furniture and art deco covered with mirrors were added to its collections. The idea of applying mirrors on furniture came to the young brothers Alessandro & Nicola Zanin who, at just eighteen years of age and after learning all the processing phases, entered the company bringing renewed energy and a new point of view.

Guided by Alessandro & Nicola, the two brothers who represent the modern expression of the Venetian incisory tradition, the temporal references expand: not just the exquisite retro taste borrowed from the Venetian eighteenth century, but a more European air and a leap forward of almost two centuries with a series of furniture inspired by the elegance of the art deco lines, a style that enchanted all the world during the first decades of the twentieth century.

Throughout this evolutionary process, ARTE VENEZIANA has continued to research and systematically innovate on its craftsmanship techniques while remaining true to glass as the material for excellence, coming from a glorious past and projected onto the future with a spirit respectful of the environment, ecological by vocation as it does not release polluting substances and it is recyclable.

And since respect for the environment is a fundamental value of the company, ARTE VENEZIANA has built further on its ecological orientation by employing processes that minimize its impact as much as possible. In this context, the company has:

– Achieved 100% self-sufficiency in terms of energy through a system of 1200 square meters of photovoltaic panels and by monitoring, analyzing & controlling energy consumption.

– Eliminated release of waste & toxic agents to the environment through a closed-circuit water purification system.

– Committed to the careful selection of competent suppliers and made sure that the variety of materials used within the company are not harmful to the environment or to health.

– Abolished the use of glues in packaging in order to facilitate separation, recovery and material recycling. Moreover, recycled paper and smoked wood are preferred in packaging (over polystyrene and plastic which are completely absent).


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