GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection of Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps & Table Lamps by Nuno Corte-Real from DELIGHTFULL (2013)

The GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection of Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps & Table Lamps was designed by Portuguese industrial designer Nuno Corte-Real, a member of the Delightfull Design Studio Team, for the, also, Portuguese DELIGHTFULL brand. The Collection was officially presented to the public in 2013.

We love them because they are hip, fresh and playful and they definitely add an edge to any space, whether this is a house, an office or any other professional space such as a bar, a restaurant or a hotel.

For the time-being, the GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection consists of all 26 Letters of the Latin alphabet (A-Z), all ten number symbols (0-9) and the Dollar symbol ($):

The video below records the production process of the GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection that takes place in Oporto, Portugal. You will see that all lamps are handcrafted down to the last detail. They are made of metal (stainless steel, aluminium, brass, iron) and acrylic material and they are lit by unique combinations of filament bulbs with Neon or LED technology:

Nuno Corte-Real is a young Portuguese industrial designer who studied (2006-2009) at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD) and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Product Design.

Since October 2012 he has been working for DELIGHTFULL, as a member of the Delightfull Design Studio Team, while he is also available for freelance projects.

His motto: “I am passionate about making what I do feel right” and, judging by his GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection, indeed he does !

DELIGHTFULL was established in late 2007 and is a sister company to BOCA DO LOBO, as they both belong to the MENINA DESIGN GROUP.

The Company specializes in the design and production of 100% handmade modern lamps with a twist of old times like the 50s, the Art Deco era or as they, themselves, call it “mid-century modern retro lighting”.

Their mission is to “Design Unique Lamps” and their vision: “to focus on the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship. Our pieces not only illuminate interiors they also add strong design presence to a space with their unique forms.”

Their values: “Design”, “Skills”, “Elegance”, “Softness” & “Sophistication”.

All of the above and more are ably achieved by the Delightfull Design Studio; a team of very young people full of zest for life and passion for creation who, nevertheless, approach their job with a healthy dose of playfulness.

Attesting to that is the next video where you can watch the young and vibrant Delightfull Design Studio Team in action:

The GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection can be purchased either by contacting DELIGHTFULL directly or through design boutiques and fine lighting stores worldwide. DELIGHTFULL is also very active in international exhibition and events, where you can also see their collections from up close.

Finally, as of January 20, 2014, DELIGHTFULL’s creations, including their GRAPHIC LAMPS Collection, are showcased in a special corner (3rd floor) and at the windows of HARRODS (London), the most prestigious department store in the world:


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