I’M A MESS (and more …) Mannequin Floor Lamps by Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihlmar from JIMMIE MARTIN

The I’M A MESS Mannequin Floor Lamp by designers/artists Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihlmar, along with all the other Mannequin Floor Lamps in their collection, are available from the duo’s own brand JIMMIE MARTIN based in Kensington, London. They are cheeky, hip, original, colorful and a great example of Pop Art.

So, we tried to collect as many as possible to give you a representative sample. Some of them are currently available, while others are sold out. And, of course, there are many more yet to come from this super-talented duo of artists/designers. For those interested, please note that even if one of the pieces shown is sold, a similar piece can be commissioned. You just have to contact the designers with your enquiry.

JIMMIE MARTIN is a London-based luxury furniture brand established in 2004 by Swedish-born designers Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihlmar. It specializes in taking vintage and antique furniture and giving them a radical makeover into a unique “Baroque & Roll” style by hand-finishing and hand-painting. “We take luxury French-style antique furniture and mix them with punk and rock ‘n’ roll imagery, which results in something people don’t see every day” the designers say (below watch video-interview of Creative Director Jimmie Karlsson to Creative Mapping Magazine).

Dare to be a rebel” is their motto and, indeed, they have dared and they have succeeded. Even though both of them are completely self-taught and neither has formal education in Design, they won the award for Best New Designer in Practice” at the UK’s Design and Decorations Awards 2005. They were also nominated as finalists in the “Furniture Design” Category.

All the artwork for the brand is done by Creative Director Jimmie Karlsson. His creations can either be sold in their original form or they can be customized according to the personal taste/needs of commissioning customers.

Up to now they have produced chairs, tables, cabinets & sideboards, wardrobes, beds, lamps, wallpaper, small furniture & decorative items, carpets and cushions, to name but a few.

Their customers are private, commercial and high profile. Some of the most famous include Kylie Minogue, Kelly Osbourne, Liam Gallagher, Pete Townshend, the boys from The Prodigy and, of course, the Queen of them all – Madonna, who commissioned JIMMIE MARTIN to design an elaborate “Throne” to carry her into the Indianapolis Stadium for her Half time Performance during the Superbowl 2012, one of the biggest sporting events in the US (watch relevant video courtesy of Domus Nova):

Madonna carried on JIMMIE MARTIN Throne at the 2012 Indianapolis Superbowl Halftime Show (video courtesy of Domus Nova) from Domus Nova on Vimeo.

The “Throne” was gold in color and features a black polished walkway with gilded poles that are raised above Swarovski encrusted sphinxes. The initials “MDNA” on the Throne’s backrest, in characteristic JIMMIE MARTIN “graffiti” script, were the title of Madonna’s next album.

We were absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Madonna’s team asking us to work with her on what is arguably the most highly televised sporting event in the United States, if not worldwide. Everyone involved have been absolutely great to work with and the attention to detail has been amazing. From being a fan growing up in Sweden and now seeing our piece on stage with Madonna has been incredibly surreal” Jimmie Karlsson, JIMMIE MARTIN’s Creative Director, noted. On the same tone, Company Director Martin Nihlmar said: “The atmosphere watching Madonna carried out by an army of dancers on our creation, even from sitting at home in the UK, felt utterly electric. We [Jimmie and I] both felt such a sense of gratification in terms of brand recognition and business growth from our humble beginnings. We owe her and her team a huge “Thank You”, just for the experience we have had working on this. We very much hope to be working with Madonna and her creative team again in the future.

Apart from the brand-owned London shop, JIMMIE MARTIN creations can be found and/or ordered through stockists in New York (USA), Marbella (Spain), Hong Kong and Cyprus.

Also, in addition to their immensely successful furniture design business, in 2011 Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihlmar joined forces with Sally Anne McCoy, an established Interior Designer with 15 years experience in domestic and commercial design and with an impressive clientele of high profile celebrities. Their co-operation has led to the establishment of JIMMIE MARTIN & MCCOY, a luxury Interior Design Agency based, also, in Kensington that is already considered among the top of its kind and was recently included in the ANDREW MARTIN Interior Design Review Volume 16.

Sources: www.jimmiemartin.com, www.creative-mapping.com, www.domusnova.com

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