KINETIC SUNRISE-SUNSET Wall Lamp by Lithuanian designer Barbora Adamonyte

We were impressed by this modern KINETIC SUNRISE-SUNSET Wall Lamp, designed by young Lithuanian designer Barbora Adamonyte, so we decided to present it to you.  What a great idea; a lamp that can help lift your spirits up any time of the day or night and, at the same time, can decorate our wall as a colorful painting.

Depending on your mood you can manually move and adjust the source of light toward the “reds” or the “blues” and “greens” of the spectrum, giving your environment the ambience you want to create for yourself and those close to you.  Brilliant !

By the way, Barbora Adamonyte was the competition winner at the International Furniture Exhibition 2012 in Vilnius/Lithuania and has, also, participated in the Vilnius Design Week 2012.

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