QUEEN OF LOVE & Childrens’ LITTLE QUEEN OF LOVE Outdoor Armchairs by Graziano Moro & Renato Pigatti from DESIGN OF LOVE

The QUEEN OF LOVE Outdoor Armchair, made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene, is a cheeky metamodern interpretation of a baroque chair and it looks like it just came right out of a fairytale !

Responsible for this colorful blast are Graziano Moro & Renato Pigatti of DESIGN OF LOVE.

The designers have also come up with the LITTLE QUEEN OF LOVE Outdoor Armchair; a Childrens’ version of the original armchair in 5 colors:

Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti discovered they had a lot in common when it came to taste, ideas and dreams. Their love for beauty brought them to the fashion and design world. They rapidly made the transition from consulting prestigious clothing lines to their own business in 2001, when Magazzini del Sale was born. The communicative ability of this duo led them into a series of lifestyle projects where they freely expressed their innate creativity and also infected the design scene with their natural enthusiasm as they gave birth to a new project labeled DESIGN OF LOVE. The lei -motif of Moro and Pigatti has always been: living life to the fullest and sharing emotions. They truly believe that creativity should have no barriers both in life and at work. Moreover, they uphold the creed that creativity should freely flow and in such freedom it should be applied on any object as well as all experiences in life, wherever and however as long as it carries along infinite emotions which bring forth new ideas.

As far as they way they produce their ideas, they say: “We don’t stop at the first attempt, nor after finding the first solution, we are creatives in action who continually evolve to improve the final result. Which often means taking a risk…but that’s what you do for love …

Their DESIGN OF LOVE® collection is a together of ideas and emotions generated by the simplicity of one single material: recyclable linear polyethylene. All of the products convey a strong sense of irony through colors and playful shapes that capture both our attention and curiosity.

Thanks to its adaptable nature, the collection can be interpreted in many ways and, therefore, featured in many locations, giving a breath of fresh air to private home, important “design” hotels, showrooms, clubs, restaurants and international events linked to fashion, art and design.

DESIGN OF LOVE® is 100% made in Italy, engineered and manufactured by ACERBIS, a company based in northern Italy with a solid technical know-how in rotational moulding processes. Its creation stems from the ideas of Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti. They have brought a wave of freshness and a different approach to the world of design which is the natural place for them to develop their creative talents. Their direct and emotional approach goes straight to the heart via simple emotions, like children. It is for this reason that their designs easily gain approval; they use a universal language that talks to the child-like souls within every adult, reinterpreting these souls with the taste and style that they have polished in twenty years of working together. Their positive, ironic and day-dreamy spirit has led them to build a partnership and a project of unlimited success within many different sectors.

It is only the start of this design journey, the objective of which is to create objects that fill a house with joy. These playful and tongue-in-cheek furnishings are interpreted in a style that people fall in love with at first sight, especially for those whose artistic sense has neither rigor nor formality.

Sources: www.designoflove.com

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