FANTASIA Console Table & Wall Mirror from the “Ibiza” Collection of KARE DESIGN (2011)

When we first saw the FANTASIA Console Table & Wall Mirror we thought they were just a drawing out of a fairytale. It was only after we noticed that they are a creation from the “Ibiza” Collection of the well-known German design brand KARE DESIGN, that we understood they’re real – very real and very dreamy at the same time !

The FANTASIA Console Table (125 cm x 45 cm x 82 cm) & matching Wall Mirror (120 cm x 76 cm) are made out of mango wood and MDF and they’re hand-painted.

By the way, these two pieces are also the favorites of Jürgen Reiter, KARE DESIGN’s Founder & CEO, which he calls “hand-painted beauties with mango wood and oriental joie de vivre.”

KARE DESIGN features a collection of more than 4500 products for the house, with about 1500 new products being added each year.

Its portfolio includes a unique mix of furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories, decorative items and gift objects diversified across many styles; from modern to postmodern or industrial, from classic to country and beyond.

The Company started out in 1981 as a student shelving store in Munich, Germany and proved to be very successful from its very beginning. Thanks to passion, its visionary owners, Jürgen Reiter & Peter Schönhofen, and a dedicated and enthusiastic team, KARE DESIGN soon became a global brand with numerous KARE Shops worldwide, more than 35 franchise partners, international sales offices, in-house designers and producers in over 60 countries (click for more Facts & Figures on KARE DESIGN).

Their slogan: “More taste than money !” expresses their intention to offer customers good design at affordable prices.


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