FOOL MOON Hanging Lamp by Leonardo de Carlo from BANCI (2013)

The FOOL MOON Hanging Lamp was designed by Leonardo de Carlo for the 2013 collection of the Italian manufacturer BANCI.

It is a beautiful example of how a talented designer can combine classic with modern style to create an eclectic piece that looks like an exquisite jewel.

The FOOL MOON Hanging Lamp is available in three combinations of colors & materials: Gold Decor with Cry Red Touch, Matt Black & Polyurethane Gold with Cry Amber Touch, Satin Nickel Décor with Cry Green Touch:

Leonardo de Carlo was born in Venice in 1972 and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998. During his graduation project in biomedical research, he developed a Myoelectric-Controlled Orthesis (in collaboration with Centro di Bioingegneria della Fondazione Don Gnocchi di Milano) for which he earned an innovation scholarship.

Immediately following his graduation he started working for Philippe Starck in Paris where, over a period of 5 years (1999-2003), he handled furnishing, lighting, electronics and interiors projects. In 2003 he returned to Italy and established his own agency dealing with industrial and interior design. He currently lives and works in Venice.

BANCI dates back to 1899 and to Giuseppe Banci, an artisan who used to restore chandeliers in iron, crystal and glass in Florence, Italy. More than 110 years have passed since then and that artisanal workshop has become a professional company of international success. The company is run now by the fourth generation of the family assisted by a managing team.

BANCI specializes in the manufacturing of wrought iron and handcrafted precious crystals, an art they maintain until today as one of their main competitive advantages.

In terms of its profile, BANCI represents a landmark in the world of classical and luxury decor for exclusive environments. Apart from their standard collection, they are well known to undertake projects and create custom-made luxurious products according to their customers’ desires and always in close co-operation with architects and interior designers.


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