GOLD Folding Screen-Paravent-Room Divider by Pedro Sousa from BOCA DO LOBO (Limited Edition Collection, 2008)

It could easily be a beautiful sculpture but it’s not (or is it ?). We are talking about the GOLD Folding Screen-Paravent-Room Divider designed in 2008 by Portuguese designer Pedro Sousa for the Limited Edition Collection of BOCA DO LOBO.

It consists of 3 connected moving parts made of fiberglass, filled with expanded polyurethane and finished with varnished gold leaf (dimensions: 201 cm x 145 cm x 14 cm). It can, also, be ordered in custom sizes and colors for an upcharge.

Pedro Sousa (Pedro Emanuel Lopes Sousa) was born in 1976 in Portugal. He started his studies with Art courses and, later on, decided to convert to Equipment Design.

He enrolled in the Superior School of Arts & Design ESAD Matosinhos in September 1998 and graduated as an Industrial Designer in July 2002. He, also, completed the Erasmus Program in the National College of Arts & Design (NCAD) in Dublin.

Following his graduation, he participated in a number of international exhibitions with his furniture designs and took part in many workshops and conferences related to furniture and industrial design. Owing to his versatility as a designer, he also co-operated with various companies on numerous projects.

In 2005, he founded BOCA DO LOBO jointly with fellow-designer Amândio Pereira who had already founded the MENINA DESIGN GROUP with friend Ricardo Magalhães back in 2003.

During his time with BOCA DO LOBO, Pedro Sousa was responsible for all product design of the Company, including the Soho, Coolors and Limited Edition Collections. In parallel, he was involved in the corporate image and advertising campaigns of the Company.

In September 2007 he became one of the founders of SAAL where he was, also, responsible for designing its first collection and involved in the corporate image and advertising campaigns.

In 2009, Pedro Sousa established his own design agency, the Pedro Sousa Design Studio through which he, currently, realizes his own projects and collaborates with various brands.

Recently, for example, he has worked with GINGER & JAGGER in designing their Earth to Earth Collection.

As a designer, Pedro Sousa is able to create in many different styles and materials. Up to know he has worked with wood, cork, glass, fabric, bronze and marble and more. His designs stand at the borderline between art and design and they are always original, beautiful and inspired.

His works are regularly published internationally by major design magazines, books, newspapers and electronic publications.

Please click on BOCA DO LOBO for a full profile of the Company as outlined in one of our previous posts.


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