The South Kensington London Flat of Lebanese Interior Designer Danielle Moudaber

We invite you to admire the flat of Lebanese Interior Designer Danielle Moudaber which we consider to be one of the most inspired projects of interior design in modern times.

What is now a maisonette used to be two separate flats in an old 1870s Victorian-style building in South Kensington (London). In 2004, Danielle Moudaber bought the ground floor flat. Five years later, as soon as the flat above was put up for sale, Danielle seized the opportunity to acquire it and, subsequently, unify it and revamp it into her “own mini-palace”:

The house is an excellent mix of styles ranging from Modern to Classic, Baroque to Rococo and Art Deco, Minimal to Greco-Roman, all merged into a soft and dreamy ensemble by the light blue color (“Blue Poppy” by Dulux) which is omnipresent and renders a light “Mediterranean” touch to all spaces.

Of the many beautiful details of this project, we were particularly impressed by the buttoned Sofas and matching Armchairs-Chaises Longues-Loungers (upholstered in “02 Aquamarine” velvet fabric from the Kentia Collection of Wemyss) along with the multi-purpose wheeled white Dining Table/Desk/Bar, all designed by Danielle Moudaber herself (specifically the white Table was realized with the help of London craftsman Ciprian Zama), the sculpted metal white Armchairs & accompanying resin & glass Coffee Table by the French sculptor-artist-designer Jean-Francois Buisson, the PRINCESS Dining Chair & VICEROY Cupboard-Wardrobe-Storage Cabinet-Buffet by Mark Brazier-Jones, the plaster curvilinear Staircase, designed by Danielle Moudaber once again, which reminds us of Gaudi and is covered with blue silk carpet from PCW INTERNATIONAL, the Decorative Iron Radiators with embossed patterns adding a touch of “old times” to all rooms and, finally, the Maze-like Floor Pattern in the living room that, according to Danielle who designed it, represents our relationship with the cosmos and the inspiration that we draw in spiritual journeys”:

Other interesting features include:

The pair of large photographs in the living room, taken by Moudaber in the Foro Mussolini Stadium in Rome, converted into 2,8 meter high lenticular prints and hung above a pair of American-Chinese Chests bought from PAUL SMITH.

The plaster light fittings above the living room sofas which used to be part of the decoration of a French private bank. They were bought in Beirut along with the Malachite Green Trolley Bar of Samir Hadcheti that was sourced from the GHASSAN ZARD ABOU JAOUDE GALLERY.

The Square Sofa Bed designed by Danielle Moudaber for her guest room (both the sofa fabric and the velvet curtains are from NYA NORDISKA).

The plaster Serge Roche woman figurine copies decorating the living room arch and the plaster-decorated Mirrored Ceiling & Hanging Lamps (the latter being also a decorative plant basket) that were designed by Danielle Moudaber.

The delicate plaster-decorations on ceilings, archways and walls, the majority of which were also designed by Danielle and realized using fibrous plaster by FULLBROOKS OF ENGLAND. Actually, some of the decorated wall panels are hidden closets, as she has taken care to include ample storage space throughout the house.

The beautifully patinated mirrors across walls, doors and wardrobes.

The double bed fabric in Danielle’s master bedroom from the Joseph Frank Collection of ALTON BROOKE.

The Azul Bahia granite kitchen top that matches the rest of the house with its blue veins.

The oak sprung floors that were installed by HARLEQUIN, one of the leading companies worldwide specializing in dance and activity floors.

Watch the video below by the Lebanese-American Movie Director Rania AjamiDanielle Moudaber:

Danielle Moudaber was born in Nigeria in 1969 to Lebanese parents but life has taken her to many corners of the earth since she was very young (Africa, Asia, South America, Europe), molding her into a citizen of the world and exposing her to a myriad of different cultural influences which are all present in her undertakings, in one way or the other.

Currently, she works out of London, Paris and Lagos and designs houses across the globe, regardless of whether they are in Sao Paolo or Beirut (which, after all, is her place of origin).

She is, admittedly, a fan of Valerian Rybar, Tony Duquette and the French Art Deco designers Hsueh and Mare with a clear influence by the “Modern Baroque” (Neo-Baroque) style of Dorothy Draper, the 40s Hollywood and all the glamour of the “movies, show time and stage sets” that go with it. “Drama” is her thing and she explains: “I’m 100% into Decorative Arts and all sorts of applications; the minimal look is not for me.”

Yet, she doesn’t limit herself to specific styles. The interiors she has designed up to know show that she is able to mix & match, merge effortlessly and create settings which are totally unique and original each time. She doesn’t follow norms and doesn’t play it safe. Yet her creations are always beautiful. If that’s not the sign of true talent, what is …

She is open and friendly, kind, energetic, lively, even rebellious and eccentric for some, and she manages to expess her creativity across many disciplines.

Up to now, she has done photography, interior design, objects design, cinema soundtracks and, lately, after the stunning furniture she designed for her London flat, she is ready to go officially into furniture design !

For those interested, Danielle Moudaber will be exhibiting her first furniture creation at the upcoming Paris PAD Exhibition (27 – 30 March 2014, Paris, France) and, following that, she will be presenting at the London PAD Exhibition (16 – 19 October 2014, London, UK) under the auspices of SMOGALLERY.


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