FELT Chair-Chaise Longue-Lounger by Marc Newson from CAPPELLINI (1989 & Limited Edition, 2005) & ALUFELT Chair (1993)

The FELT LIMITED EDITION Chair-Chaise Longue-Lounger was designed in 2005 by Australian-born designer Marc Newson and produced by the Italian manufacturer CAPPELLINI in a Limited Edition of 99 pieces (white fiberglass & individually hand-airbrushed color patches):

There is also an earlier edition of the Chair which was designed by Marc Newson and produced for POD, Newson’s own Sydney-based Company. This specific Chair is called ALUFELT Chair-Chaise Longue-Lounger, as it was made of mirror-polished aluminium. Its underside is enamel-painted in red, green or blue color.

The ALUFELT Chair was produced in a Limited Edition of 6 + 2 Prototypes (1993) with all pieces being numbered and signed by the designer. The small number of these chairs produced, coupled with “Marc Newson’s” iconic signature, have caused their auction prices to rise significantly lately. In October 2012, one of these chairs (the No. 4 out of the total 6 chairs in the Edition) was auctioned off by CHRISTIE’S at the price of GBP 133.250 (USD 213.200 approximately). A few months later, in April 2013, PHILLIPS (formerly PHILLIPS DE PURY) auctioned off the No. 1 (out of the 2 Prototypes created in total) at the price of GBP 194,500.

Today, some of these chairs are owned by private collectors, such as the green ALUFELT Chair that sits in the dining room of Didier Krzentowski, owner and director of the GALERIE KREO in Paris (seen below with his wife Clémence in their Parisian flat – photo by Philippe Munda). Others are in museum collections, such as the one bought in 2001 by the CENTRE POMPIDOU in Paris.

Both Chair editions shown above are based on the first edition of the FELT Chair-Chaise Longue-Lounger that was monochrome and was designed by Marc Newson for CAPPELLINI in 1989 and presented to the public in 1993.

This first-edition FELT Chair (L 106 cm x W 67 cm x H 82 cm) consists of a reinforced fiberglass body with polished aluminium back leg and is still available in polished lacquered yellow, orange, red, green, blue, white or black colors for indoor and outdoor use. These chairs have also been produced in fabric or leather for the indoors.

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