DIAMOND Sideboard-Credenza-Buffet & Safe Box by Pedro Sousa from BOCA DO LOBO (2007 and 2013 re-edition)

The DIAMOND Sideboard-Credenza-Buffet, initially designed in 2007 by Portuguese designer and BOCA DO LOBO co-founder Pedro Sousa, is one of the first (if not the first) designs of the Limited Edition Collection of BOCA DO LOBO.

This first edition of the DIAMOND Sideboard (180 cm x 60 cm x 83 cm) is produced in purple color with lion-head feet hand-carved from mahogany and finished in gold leaf. It is a faceted Sideboard totally handcrafted and features two doors, two drawers and one shelf. The interior is coated in golden leaf. The sideboard is made of wood and finished with silver leaf with a shade of translucent amethyst and high gloss varnish. The DIAMOND Sideboard is also available in custom sizes and colors at a premium.

In 2013, BOCA DO LOBO introduced two new editions of the same Sideboard in green and chocolate brown which are called DIAMOND EMERALD and DIAMOND CHOCOLATE respectively (custom colors and sizes are available in this case, too, such as the DIAMOND BLOOD RED Sideboard below). In these new editions you will notice that the lion-head feet are replaced by a solid base made of mahogany and lined with bronze mirror:

BOCA DO LOBO has, also, used the DIAMOND Sideboard original design to create the BLACK DIAMOND Safe Box which forms part of its new Private Collection introduced in 2013:

In the video below you can watch a demonstration of the DIAMOND Sideboard by Marco Costa, the current Head Designer of BOCA DO LOBO himself:

You can also watch the following video which shows all the basic stages of the “making” of the DIAMOND Sideboard (from design to preparation for shipping to the customer):

Finally, in the two videos that follow you can see the making and installation of a unique edition of the DIAMOND Sideboard made of Ice (!!!) exclusively for the occasion of the Oporto Show 2010:

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Sources: www.bocadolobo.com, www.pedrosousastudio.com

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